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The QUO⎢Aussies Like Us

Filming, editing

We got a glimpse of 10 Australians, from 10 very different backgrounds, all of whom share 1 faith and lived under the same roof for 8 days.

The QUO⎢Benita de Wit's Manus Island Project

Producing, filming, editing

"It's about empathy." Director Benita de Wit is filming one person for every man detained at Manus Island.

The QUO⎢What is sexual racism?

Filming, editing

"Would you go to a club with a t-shirt that said ’No Asians’ on it? If your answer to that is 'no', then why do you think you should have it on a profile which exists in an online community?" ​

The QUO⎢TJ's story on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Producing, filming, editing

“If it doesn’t affect you and it’s not hurting you, why do you have so much hate for someone else?” In honour of National Transgender Day of Remembrance, we are sharing TJ’s powerful story.

The QUO⎢Deciding To Make A Difference

Producing, filming, editing

Deciding To Make A Difference are tackling the problem of plastic pollution and the rural housing shortage by teaming up with NevHouse to create sustainable housing in communities like Jilkminggan.

SBS French⎢French artists at the Subsonic Festival

Ajoutez plus d'infos sur cet élément...

Rodriguez Jr, AlexKid and Pepperpot are three international french DJs that came all the way to Australia for a gig. It's not the first time they are coming to the other side of the world so what makes them come back? how different is the Australia electro music scene from France? How different is the public? and the atmosphere? A video for SBS French in french but with english subtitles

The QUO⎢Brunch for Good at Gratia

Ajoutez plus d'infos sur cet élément...

Located in Sydney's Surry Hills, Gratia is a cafe and social enterprise donating 100% of their profits to charity.

The QUO⎢Hear Our Voice

Filming, editing

“It's not going to get any less diverse, but the culture will fade if we don’t represent creatives and we don’t see the arts as a major concern in society, at least here…You’ve got to start in your own backyard.”

The QUO⎢Interview with Julie McCrossin

Filming, editing

“I didn’t fight for my freedom in order to discriminate against others.” Australian media personality and LGBTQIA+ advocate Julie McCrossin reminds us that we must be aware of the prejudices and discriminatory attitudes that exist amongst all of us; no matter how we identify ourselves.

SBS French⎢French Rugby team in Sydney

Producing, filming, editing

The French Rugby team came to Australia to train for international competition

The QUO⎢Compassion in the Calais Jungle with Kirsten Shirling

Filming, editing

“You have people in a situation where they feel completely powerless, they don’t know what’s going to happen, they’re risking their lives every night. So these are really vulnerable, traumatised people.”

The QUO⎢Lives in Limbo: The impact of the 457 visa changes

Producing, filming, editing

“Why did I want to be here for two years, to pay taxes, to work, to put all my effort here? We’re bringing kids, we’re living our life, and then we need to leave. To go where? And start what?”

On 19 April 2017, the Federal Government announced that the 457 visa will be changed in March 2018 to Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS).

216 jobs have been slashed from the eligible occupations list, and there are two new lists that have been immediately implemented.

Currently, there are around 96,000 people who are on the 457 visa, including family members.

These sudden changes mean that the lives of people on a Bridging visa and currently on the 457 visa are hanging by a thread. The situation is so complicated that even the Australian Government seems unclear about what these changes may mean.

These are some of the stories of the people affected.

The QUO⎢Travelling the world on Addison Road

Producing, filming, editing

"...this is my home now. I feel safe, I feel respect. I feel like I'm a human being here, you know."

Travel the world and meet people just like us with the culinary delights sold at the fortnightly Street Food Markets. Located in the heart of Sydney's inner-west, within the grounds of the Addison Road Community Centre.

The QUO⎢Humanising Homelessness with Sydney's Safe Space Kitchen

Producing, filming, editing

"Homelessness and rough sleepers aren't actually the problem. The problem is a lack of universal affordable housing." Lanz Priestley lets us into the overlooked world of his Safe Space Kitchen in Martin Place.

The QUO⎢Making an invisible issue visible: OneWave's Fluro Fridays

Producing, filming, editing

"Life is rad, but it's actually really shit sometimes. That's when you need your buddies in the ocean the most".

The QUO⎢Sex Workers Speaking for Themselves

Producing, filming, editing

There is still stigma around sex work , and it will continue until we begin to recognise sex work as a job like any other. Entirely led and staffed by sex workers, Scarlet Alliance believes that sex workers should be the experts in their own lives.

The QUO⎢Zero Waste Living in Sydney

Producing, filming, editing

Madolyn Garnham from Clovelly made a new years resolution last year to eliminate plastic use, and keep things simple and sustainable. From homemade toothpaste to a practical compost system, she shares her tips on how to lead a zero waste life. 

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